Top 8 free animation software in 2023

In this age, animation had made its way into everyone’s heart. You can create complicated moving imageries just by moving your fingertips. Animation was first introduced in the 1800s when people used mirrors to reflect drawings and making them move. Today, animation is at its peak where we have various movies, web series, and career options for many.
The 8 must-try free animation software of 2023 has to be:

1) Animaker

Platform(s)– web browser-based or cloud-based

Rating – 4.2/5

Website –

Animaker is a do-it-yourself animation designing software which was launched on 2014. The inbuilt features and functionality of the software makes it an ideal tool to address and solve the the growing demands of video marketing. This app is very easy to use and definitely a beginner friendly. Visa, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, McDonald’s, Dell Tech are some of its 15 Million users in 220 different countries. If you are looking for an online animation video maker that can produce good quality animated videos without spending much time. Animaker is what you are looking for.

2) Powtoon

Platform(s) – web browser- based or cloud-based

Rating – 4.5/5


The next free video animation software, which is also cloud based is Powtoon. It was launched in 2012. While, there are paid options which include of advanced features, It also has a free tool for videos up to the length of three minutes. You can use it for animation design as well as various other things. There are professionally-designed styles such as animated, infographic, whiteboard, live action etcetera. It consists of a wide range of royalty-free videos, images, and soundtracks. It has been used by 96% of Fortune 500 companies, Ivy League universities and leading SMBs.

This software too, is easy to learn and operate.

3) Blender

Platform(s) – Windows, Mac, Linux

Rating – 4.7/5

Website –

Blender is one of the best animation software for pro editors and creators. It was founded by the Blender Foundation (a nonprofit organization) in 2007. It is one of the best 3D creation suite. The software is great whether you want to deal only with static models of videography or get into the world of animation. This software has also been used by NASA on various different occasions! This software is best for graphics as well as animations.

4) Opentoonz

Platform(s)– Windows, Mac, and Linux

Rating – 4.4/5

Website –

This software is particularly for animations and is one of the top free software for 2D videos. It was launched in the year 2016. It is based on the software Toonz. It is also the most beginner friendly 2d animation software. It has been used by some popular animation studios such as the Studio Ghibli and the Rough Draft Studios. It is open source, free to download for all personal projects and commercial projects.

All in all, using the software is easy and the developers for the animation software have provided many
manuals so that animators can master the software quickly.

5) Toontastic

Platform(s) – Android, IOS

Rating – 5/5

Website –

This free animation application, provided by Google was launched in 2017. Toontastic 3D, helps you draw, animate, and narrate stories. Even though this application is made for kids it can be used for aspiring animators as well. Keeping in mind that it is for kids, makes it easier to operate for beginners. In this application you can get started by creating your own characters, either from scratch or based on an uploaded photo. Then it’s time for you to convert your characters into stories. It’s best suited for who that are very new to animated videos.

6) Cinema 4d

Platform(s) – Windows and Mac

Rating – 4.7/5

Website – Cinema 4d

Suitable for both beginners and more advanced animators alike, This software is a versatile that allows it’s users to do more than just animate. It was developed by a German company Maxon in the year 1990 and was released again in 2022 as a more updated version. The 3D graphics software can be used flexibly and has numerous functions. This software is easier for designers to operate. If you want to create high-quality graphics in the matter of mere moments. This software is for you.

7) Renderforest

Platform(s) – web browser-based or cloud-based Now available on Android as well

Rating – 4.8/5

Website –

Renderforest is an all-in-one animation software designed to help businesses to utilize the built-in templates to create videos, graphics, websites, animations, logos mockups. The software enables the designer to upload files and preview edited designs on a unified interface. A free plan of the software gives the users unlimited 360p video exporting, access to hundreds of thousands of stock clips, a library of music tracks, and more.

8) Pencil 2d animation

Platform(s) – Linux, Mac, Windows

Rating – 4.3/5

Website – Pencil 2d animation

This software is a professional tool used for designing 2D hand-drawn animations. It is also the best free animation software that anyone could use due to its simple features and options. Making it a great option for beginners. It was launched in the year 2005. This platform allows designers to edit images, add layers and duplicate or remove keyframes via a unified platform.

summarised views on these softwares:

1) Cloud based
2) Beginner friendlyy
3) Focussed mainly on animation

1) Cloud based
2) Not beginner friendly but is easy to learn
3) Can be used for animation, infographics

1) Available on windows, Mac and Linux
2) Not very beginner friendly
3) Can be used for graphics as well as animations

1) Available on windows, Mac and Linux
2) Beginner friendly
3) Used for 2d animation

1) Available on Android, IOS
2) Beginner friendly as it is meant for kids

Cinema 4d
1) Linux, Windows and Mac
2) Suitable for both beginners and more advanced animators
3) Used for 3d graphics

1) Available on cloud and now available on Android as well
2) Not meant for Beginners

Pencil 2d animation
1) Available on Linux, Mac, Windows
2) Meant for 2d animations
3) Beginner friendly


Free animation software, including both 2D and 3D, is the very first requirement, whether you are an animation expert or just a beginner. The animation softwares mentioned above are the best of the best for you to begin your animation journey.

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