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Ratan Tata, the name itself is an introduction. Now, because I’m a writer and I have to write. So, let’s see who is Ratan Tata. A child with normal capabilities like we all have who was born in Bombay, now Mumbai on 28 December 1937 became one of the great Personality of India. And that child is Ratan Tata. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2000 and Padma Vibhushan in 2008 by the Government of India. He is an Indian industrialist and former chairman of Tata Sons. Ratan Tata was also the chairman of the Tata Group from 1990 to 2012. Ratan Tata is not great just because he is rich. But the kindness of his heart makes him great. He is one of the largest Philanthropists in the world. He donated his 60-65% of income to charity.

Ratan tata biography
BornRatan Naval Tata
28 December 1937
(age 84)
Martial StatusSingle
TitleChairman Emeritus of
Tata Sons and
Tata Group
EducationBachelor of Architecture
degree from Cornell
in 1962
and Advance Management
programme at Harvard
Business Schoo
l in
Predecessor JRD Tata
ParentNaval Tata
RelativeTata Family
AwardsPadma Vibhushan (2008)
Assam Baibhav (2021)
Maharashtra Bhushan
Padma bhushan (2000)
Net Worth$1 Billion
companies Tata Sons,
Tata group,
companies include:-
Tata Consultancy
Tata motors,
Tata Steel,
Tata Chemicals,
Tata Consumer
Tata Capital,
Tata Power,
Indian Hostels,
Tata Communication,
Tata Digital,
and Tata Electronics.

How Was The Early Life Of Ratan Tata?

Ratan Tata was born in Bombay, now Mumbai, on 28 December 1937. He was born at the time when India was ruled by the British. That was a very difficult time for every Indian. He is the son of Naval Tata, who was born in Surat and later adopted by the Tata family, and Sonoo Tata, the niece of Tata group founder Jamsetji Tata. Tata’s biological grandfather, Hormusji Tata, was a member of the Tata family by blood. In 1948, when Tata was 10, his parents when separated, and he was subsequently raised and adopted by Navajbai Tata, his grandmother, and widow of Ratanji Tata. He has a half-brother, Noel Tata, from Naval Tata’s second marriage with Simone Tata, with whom he was raised. His first language is Gujarati.

It’s quite confusing to understand the family relation of Ratanji Tata. But the journey of him is very inspiring. Although by birth he belongs to a kind of rich family but very few people know the fact that he is extremely educated too. He studied at the Campion School, Mumbai up to 8th class. After which he studied at the Cathedral and John Connon School in Mumbai and at the Bishop Cotton School in Shimla up to 12th class. After completing high school, he went to the Riverdale Country School in New York city for graduation. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture in 1962.

Now, by seeing his degrees anyone can judge that he is a technical kind of man. But we all know that through his career mostly he did and still doing one thing that is management. He manages Tata Sons and the Tata group. The reason behind of his management skill is that after graduating, in 1975, he attended the seven-week Advanced Management Program of Harvard Business school. And this is one of the biggest reason behind every businessman’s success. They all are good at management.

Ratan Tata’s Career – Journey of Business

Ratan Tata started his career as a manager in the Tata group. He joined Tata in 1961, where he worked on the shop floor of Tata Steel. He worked with full dedication. In 1991, J.R.D. Tata retired from the chairman post. And he named Ratan Tata his successor. Then Ratan Tata became the chairman of the Tata group. In his starting days as a chairman of Tata Group, he was not accepted by many of Tata’s subsidiaries’ head people.

He had faced a lot of stiff resistance from them. Because when J.R.D was the chairman he gave a lot of operational freedom to his subsidiaries. But he never took it negatively. In response, he came up with many policies to consolidate power. Some of the policies were the implementation of the retirement age, having subsidiaries report directly to the group office, and requiring subsidiaries to contribute their profit to building the Tata group brand. Ratan Tata had always been a believer in youth talents. Tata prioritized innovation and transferred many responsibilities to younger and fresh talent. Under Ratan Tata’s leadership, the Tata group expanded globally.

Ratan Tata led the company for almost 21 years. According to data, in his tenure, the revenue of Tata Group grew over 40 times, and profit over 50 times. When he became the chairman and took over the company, sales heavily included commodity sales. But it’s a fact that the majority of the company’s sales came from brands. During his tenure, he acquired many known companies like Tetley, Jaguar Land Rover, etc. These acquisitions made him a global business. As a result, Tata Group’s over 65 % revenue is coming from operations and sales internationally.

He also implemented an idea to create a car within 1 lakh INR (1300 USD). And that car is Tata Nano. The basic idea behind this launch was to make a car for Indian budget-friendly. Anyone can afford this car. That’s it. It turned out a great success for the company. But eventually, Tata Nano failed. There is multiple reasons behind this failure.

Under his leadership, Tata Group achieved much more success compared to any other leader’s tenure. His professional journey was extremely inspirational. And on December 2012, Ratan Tata resigned from his executive powers in the Tata group.

Acquisition of Tata group – Under Ratan Tata’s leadership

Ratan Tata being a visionary leader, he knew that which company can be a market leader in their respective industry. So he acquired many known companies. He had Tata Tea acquire Tetley, Tata Motors acquire one of the known car company Jaguar Land Rover, and Tata steel acquire Corus. This acquisition played a very important role to make Tata group a global business.

Investment Of Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata invested in many companies with his own wealth. Again, it’s shows how much visionary he is. Some of the invested company by Ratan Tata are

1. Snapdeal – One of the leading e-commerce platform.

2. Teabox – An online premium Indian Tea seller.

3. – A discount coupons and cash-back website.

4. Ola Cabs – A car rental company, providing cars on hire and taxi services for local, outstation and airport.

5. Xiaomi – A Chinese electronics company.


Ratan Tata is not only an industrialist or businessman, he is a prominent philanthropist in India who support learning, medical and agricultural improvement. Ratan Tata earns profits and gives them back to society to be used for many charitable purposes or societal development. Around 65% of his and his company’s earnings are donated to foundations and other charitable organizations.

Tata Group, under the leadership of Ratan Tata, donated $50 million in 2010 to Harvard business school (HBS) for the construction of an executive center.

Tata education and development trust endowed a $28 million tata scholarship fund that will allow Cornell university to provide financial aid to undergraduate students from India.

In 2014 tata group donated ₹750 million to the Indian institute of technology and formed the tata center of technology and design (TCTD).

Personal Life Of Ratan Tata

Tata lives a very simple life. Tata has never married and has no children. In 2011, In an interview he said, “I came close to getting married four times and each time I backed off in fear or for one reason or another.”


1. What is the full name of Ratan Tata?

The full name of Ratan Tata is Ratan Naval Tata.

2. When did Ratan Tata get the Padma Bhushan?

Ratan Tata received Padma Bhushan in 2000.

3. When did Ratan Tata get the Padma Vibhushan?

Ratan Tata received Padma Vibhushan (the second-highest civilian award of the Republic of Indian) in 2008.

4. What is the relation between Ratan Tata and Shantanu Naidu?

Shantanu Naidu is personal assistant of Ratan Tata.

5. What is the net worth of Ratan Tata?

The net worth of Ratan Tata is 1 billion USD.

6. How much money Ratan Tata donates every year?

Ratan Tata donates 60-65% of his wealth every year.

7. What is the name of Ratan Tata’s wife?

Ratan Tata has never married to anyone.

8. Is Ratan Tata an animal lover?

Yes, Ratan Tata is an animal lover. He loves dogs so much.

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