Top 10 best books for entrepreneurs

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” By Ernest Hemingway
Is truly one of the greatest sayings of all time. Not only is it the greatest but also the truest. Reading books is a part of the reader’s life and so is entrepreneurship for the people who choose it. These books will help you set the mindset of a leader and learn and inspire from people who have been there. Let us take a look at the 10 best entrepreneur books of all time.

1) The Lean Start-up by Eric Reis

Eric Reis as a person needs no introduction and given his success and he knows what he’s talking about in the book. The book is divided into three main units Vision, where the author puts forward the discipline of entrepreneurial management. Steer, this portion dives deep into the start-up business model. Accelerate, this portion tells us how to speed through the start-up process. This book teaches us how to prevent ourselves from making the mistakes that cause most start-ups to fail.

2) Zero to one by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel

In this book, Peter Theil shares his unique perspective on the philosophy and strategy of start-ups. If you do not know who peter theil is, he is the co-producer of Pay Pal and also the first outside investor of Facebook. There are seven key points to this book
1) how to Avoid competing
2) how to reach from zero to one
3) how to launch
4) how to capture monopoly
5) how to locate secrets
6) how to sell first
7) And, how to think exponentially
This book is an important handbook for big companies and budding entrepreneurs alike.

3) The $100 startup by Chris Guillebeau

This book discusses the challenges that growing businesses face and offers a guide on how to overcome them. This book teaches how to leave the nine to five jobs, and combine passion and knowledge to build a start-up with solely $100
or maybe even less. This book is primarily focused on how to build a start-up with a small investment.

4) The four-hour work week by Tim Ferris

This book was written as a frustrated vent-out of the author towards his corporate life. This book teaches the reader a step-by-step process to reinvent themselves. It has given the important 80/20 productivity principle. It shows how to escape the 40-hour work week and design their lifestyle according to what they believe is their ideal lifestyle. This book provides solid principles for those dedicated to the path of entrepreneurship.

5) How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

This book by Carnegie is a selfhelp classic, that teaches how to deal with people, how by following simple rules, you can make yourselves more likable and improve relationships and establish yourself as an authoritative figure. Make people like, adore and respect you. Which is one of the most important qualities of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur or not, this book is a must-read for everybody.

6) Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki

This book is about two dads. One, the author’s father (poor dad), and the other his best friend’s father(rich dad), and in what ways both these men shaped his thinking about finances and investments. This book tells one about the difference in
thinking between people from the higher class and the middle class. It explains different ways of managing and handling money. Which again is a must-have quality for every entrepreneur.

7) Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk

This book is all about how to turn one’s passion into a business and a way to earn money. Through his own life story, the author explains how one can make a living out of what they love doing. It shows us the power of the internet and social media and how to use them to our advantage. In this world, it is very easy to be influenced by what others are doing, so this book teaches one to be authentic to their content whatever that might be. This book can be considered the ‘ultimate manual’ for creating modern businesses.

8) The hard thing about hard things by Ben Horowitz

Instead of focusing on how to not make mistakes this book is all about how to rectify those costly mistakes. The author talks about the hardest decisions and the awful situations an entrepreneur can find themselves in and how to handle the situation, tactfully. He speaks about the lonely times and tough decisions all CEOs face. It will teach you how to make an extraordinary organization and how to evolve into a world-class leader.

9) The e-myth revisited by Michael. E. Gerber

This book explains why 80% of small businesses fail and how to ensure that your company is not one of them. It dismisses all the myths about starting one’s own business and walks you step-by-step through your business guiding you. The main idea that the book revolves around is that our business is an extension of who we really are. It is an excellent book that is highly recommended for people starting their businesses and stepping into the world of business and finance.

10) Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

This book is about those thirteen habits common between five hundred wealthy and successful people. The author studied these people for twenty long years. He examines the psychological power of the brain which would help in furthering the career and one’s satisfaction. Unlike the title of the book, it’s not about growing rich monetarily. It’s about how to grow rich mentally and how to receive success in life. It shows the importance and power of positive thought.

These are the top ten books that are a must-have in the bookshelf for every aspiring and present entrepreneur. Whether small or big your dreams of having your very own business matter. These books will not only make your journey easier but also prevent you from making mistakes that many others make and help you make your own stand.

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